A Closer Look: The Tough Mudder Challenge

Tough Mudder is a great experience and adventure that proves that individuals working together can tackle a mountain full of obstacles, and have fun doing it!

Our Tough Mudder course consisted of 19 obstacles and over 10 miles of terrain reaching elevations of 2,929 feet.

We started off by meeting at the registration area to sign our “death” waiver. Everyone was accounted for and we proceeded to write numbers on our arms with permanent markers so our bodies could be identified.

Next we headed to the pre-start pep rally. Here we stretched, danced, and bathed in an adrenaline filled mosh pit. The music was blasting and everyone seemed happy to be there.

Once the pre-start pep rally was completed we headed over to the starting point. Here, a professional “Mudder” motivated us by explaining how Tough Mudder was designed by the British Special Forces to test participant’s “strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.” He spoke of the adventure ahead and of the memories we were about to make. He told stories of fallen comrades that fought cancer with the same enthusiasm we had for doing this event. He even pointed out a gentleman that had lost over 75 pounds over the course of a year just to participate in today’s Tough Mudder. The words of encouragement that I liked the most were more a lesson in life than the rallying cries of the pre-start pep rally. He said to “continue to do something different every week for the rest of your life”. Every week try something new – love it!

 At the end of the challenge were were greeted by a headband placed onto our heads, a protein bar shoved in our mouths, and a cold beer that warmed our hearts.

Tough Mudder was a great experience for me and for Team Oasys. Everyone had a story to tell and a memory to cherish. Guess we didn’t need the permanent markers after all.


Our Obstacles: the Tough Mudder Course

Obstacle 1: Kiss of Mud 2.0 – Here we simply crawled on our bellies underneath barbed wire for about 50 feet or so. Our team cruised through this one! Half of us lost our number bibs that were pinned to our bellies though.

Obstacle 2: Quagmire – As a fan of Family Guy, I had no idea what to expect after hearing the name of this event [as it is also the name of a character from that TV show]. It ended up being a huge pit of chest-deep muddy water. Let the fun begin!

Obstacle 3: The Liberator – Here we used wooden pegs to climb over a wall. This was challenging as two of the pegs hit me on the head on the way up.

Obstacle 4: Bale Bonds – This event featured several bales of hay that you were required to climb over – it was not very challenging for our team.

Obstacle 5: Beached Whale – All I can say is that a greased, blown-up balloon was involved.

Obstacle 6: Everest 2.0 – This was a half pipe that you must run up and over. Slippery feet will cause you to struggle on this. It took me 3 tries!

Obstacle 7: Birth Canal – Here you crawl under a plastic sheet that holds water on it. Easy one.

Obstacle 8: Funky Monkey 2.0 – In this one you cross over monkey bars, then grab a trapeze style bar that swings you down to a lower level. Then you grab a pipe and swing down to the platform.

Obstacle 9: Prairie Dog – A long corrugated pipe that you must slide through.

Obstacle 10: Skid Marked – This features a large inclined wall that you had to climb over, then you climbed down tires on the back side of the wall.

Obstacle 11: Devil’s Beard – Here you crawl under a large fishing net on your belly.

Obstacle 12: Warrior Carry – This is a team obstacle where you pick up a team mate and walk about 50 feet, then switch.

Obstacle 13: Balls Out – Swing like Tarzan across a large wall!

Obstacle 14: Artic Enema – A refreshing pool of muddy ice water. It made my legs feel good!

Obstacle 15: Walk the Plant – This was a 15’ drop into a pool of mud!

Obstacle 16: Cry Baby – Gas chamber that you crawl through. But don’t worry, the gas tasted like spearmint.

Obstacle 17: Berlin Walls – This was a wall wall that you climb over. You definitely needed a boost and to work as a team to go over this obstacle.

Obstacle 18: Dead Ringer – One uses rings in each hand to traverse an “A” framed pergola.

Obstacle 19: Electroshock Therapy – The final event. You run as fast as you can!


     Written by Ron Ewan, Lead Operator & Safety Manager

Ron has been with Oasys Water for just over four years. He is often found doing different projects around the Somerset office and making sure everyone is working safely. When not at work, Ron enjoys coaching his kids, jogging in the woods with his dog (River), and playing cribbage. Ron recently went back to school to get his MBA from UMass Dartmouth after graduating from Mass Maritime in 1994. Ron is also the surrogate “big brother” of all Oasys employees.