A Team in the Office and On the Field

Members of Team Oasys worked together to complete Tough Mudder, discovering the true value of teamwork.

On an early Saturday morning in June, members of Oasys Water met in Vermont for a long day of grueling physical activities that would test both their physical and mental strength as they strove to complete the Tough Mudder challenge. This undertaking was not assumed lightly, as participants had to juggle various work trips abroad with intense training. Months of hard work and excitement culminated in a memorable day of teamwork and bonding.

“Tough Mudder is really a team building experience; it’s so much easier to overcome the obstacles with the physical and mental support of your teammates,” said Leah Staschke, a process engineer at Oasys. “It was awesome to be out there on the mountain working hard through that dirty water with my Oasys teammates. We had a ton of fun.”

The “Oasys Mud Studs” – as their shirts proudly stated – exemplified teamwork and our company values. The theme “Win Together” meant a lot to our Tough Mudder team as they celebrated their accomplishment and supported each other throughout the race. Ron Ewan, the lead operator and safety manager at Oasys, described the meaning of Tough Mudder perfectly:

“Much like in life, we all go at our own pace. But when an obstacle presents itself, we reach out to our friends, family, or coworkers to utilize their strengths to help overcome challenges. This relates to our company value of “Win Together” on so many levels. When we reach a roadblock, we have open doors to team leaders and the EOT [Executive Operating Team] members across the company at any time.”

Even while in China on business, the Tough Mudder team trained by constructing a decathlon-style event called the “Changxing Olympics” that consisted of 10 creative exercises. “We all trained individually but truly worked as a team to get through the course,” explained Ron. “We ran, walked, and hiked at our own pace but met at each obstacle to work together to get through them.”

The Tough Mudder event didn’t just bring colleagues together, but also family and friends. Zach Goodman, another Oasys process engineer, reminisced on the experience saying, “I was happy to be outdoors fighting through a challenge with friends and family. Everyone showed grit and it was great to cross that finish line and hoist a cold beer together.”

The week following Tough Mudder some of the Oasys Mud Studs shared their experiences, stories, and photographs at the weekly company lunch. The Mud Studs inspired everyone at Oasys with their passion and commitment to teamwork.


To read more about the Oasys Tough Mudder adventure, check out Ron Ewan’s description of the event in “A Closer Look: The Tough Mudder Challenge.”


     By Sarah Geib, Brand & New Media Specialist  |  Twitter: @kabamitssarah

Sarah has been with Oasys Water for over a year. She is often found writing social media posts, designing brochures, or begging her colleagues to participate in – yet another – social marketing initiative. When not at work, Sarah enjoys walking around Boston with a Jamba Juice in-hand, watching BBC panel shows, and Instagramming her food – she even eats it too! Sarah is a recent graduate from Boston University and talks about London (her favorite city) nonstop.