Case Study

Power Plant Wastewater: Changxing

Oasys Water is transforming high salinity wastewater at the Changxing Power Plant.

Oasys Water and its Chinese partner were selected to deliver the world’s first commercial application of Forward Osmosis (FO)-based ZLD at the state-of-the-art Changxing coal-fired power plant. Oasys provided its ClearFlo MBC system and pre-concentrating reverse osmosis (RO), while Beijing Woteer supplied physic-chemical filtration, ClearFlo Complete ion exchange pretreatment, and a crystallizer package.

  • Feed Water: The feed water at Changxing is a complex combination waste stream that includes flue gas desulfurization (FGD) blowdown wastewater and cooling tower blowdown (CTBD).
  • Results: Oasys Water’s patented technology is now transforming 630 m3/day of complex FGD wastewater at the Changxing Power Plant, reducing both the intake of local surface water and the outflow of industrial wastewater. This project has allowed Oasys to introduce an innovative FO-based brine concentration and water reuse process to treat desulfurization wastewater.
  • Economics: The draw solution recovery at Changxing was designed to use steam as the energy source, thus reducing overall energy requirements and overall cost. The Changxing system’s typical energy requirement is 90 kWhper mof processed wastewater.

Oasys combined its groundbreaking ClearFlo MBC with leading crystallizer or spray drier technologies to offer complete liquid recovery.

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