Case Study

Produced Water: Permian Basin

Oasys Water operated the ClearFlo MBC system in Midland, TX to treat high salinity produced water from the Permian Basin.

The initial focus was to demonstrate that a membrane-based solution could treat feed waters higher than 100,000 mg/L TDS to produce cost-effective fresh water. Oil and gas producers are required to meet water quality, cost, and maintenance metrics to adopt water treatment technology and the ClearFlo MBC proved to be the best solution when evaluated in comparison to mechanical evaporators.

  • Feed water: The feed water to the ClearFlo MBC system averaged 103,000 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS), with minimum and maximum concentrations ranging from 72,000 mg/L to 125,000 mg/L TDS.
  • Results: The Oasys ClearFlo MBC system not only met, but exceeded success criteria outlined for the project. Product water quality was based on local discharge requirements, primarily Texas Railroad Commission goals. The ClearFlo MBC easily met the goal of 3,000 mg/L by producing 700 mg/L TDS. The reject concentration from the system was set based on performance for alternative technologies. The ClearFlo MBC process exceeded these performance goals by increasing overall water recovery (averaging at 60%) and producing a usable product in the oil fields known as 10 lb. brine (with a concentration of 240,000 mg/L, which was 40,000 mg/L beyond the goal). The ClearFlo MBC system also surpassed the FO operating cost goal.
  • Economics: Operating costs were based on energy, projected maintenance costs, and chemicals needed for the system. Energy costs were up to 50% less than that of competitive technologies because the ClearFlo MBC system can use renewable energy sources including solar, geothermal, and waste heat. ClearFlo MBC maintenance and chemical costs were low due to our recoverable draw solution and robust membranes.

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