Oasys Water’s revolutionary process enables high recovery desalination using low thermal energy, dramatically reducing cost - a fresh solution to fresh water.

Technology platform

The Oasys process is a patented membrane-based desalination platform that can turn up to 15% salt water (approximately five times the salinity of seawater) into fresh water. The process uses a proprietary draw solution comprised of thermolytic salts to naturally draw fresh water across a patented semi-permeable membrane leaving unwanted salts and contaminants behind. The mixture of draw solution and fresh water is then heated to change the phase of the draw solution solute from liquid to vapor, leaving behind fresh, potable water. No feed water boiling. No high pressure pumping.

The process can utilize steam or heat from a variety or sources, allowing Oasys to address the growing fresh water supply gap without the negative impact and expense of fossil fuels.

By using renewable sources such as solar-thermal, geothermal and industrial co-generation heat, the Oasys process enables a sustainably new approach to fresh water production.