Mining activities around the globe produce some of the world’s most complex and difficult waters to treat.



Mining and mine drainage waters typically include tough-to-treat components such as:

・High hardness




・High acidity


Oasys Water has created sustainable, cost-effective solutions for all of these challenging waters.

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Mining operations generate exceptionally large volumes of challenging waters. These waters typically include properties such as high hardness, silica, cyanates, organics, acidity, and sulfates. In many parts of the world such waters are collected in tailings and retention ponds, but due to the risk of spills or excursions, mining companies are looking for better ways to treat their waters. The increase of water stresses in many mining regions is also spurring companies to seek solutions that will recover clean water for beneficial reuse.  

Oasys Water has developed several treatment paths in order to maximize clean water recovery for a wide variety of mining operations. One such path may incorporate Pretreatment, which can include nanofiltration (NF) or precipitation softening. Oasys’ patented forward osmosis (FO)-based brine concentration, the ClearFlo MBC, delivers the bulk of water recovery in the treatment process, rejecting >99% of impurities in the mining water stream. As fresh water is separated in the FO membrane process, the saline wastewater stream volume is reduced by 70% or more, dramatically reducing the quantity for onsite storage or for transport to offsite disposal. For the maximum amount of water recovery, the ClearFlo Complete system offers a path to zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with the highest percentage of water recovery offered by a reliable and cost-effective FO membrane process.