Between one and five million gallons of water are required per well to extract unconventional oil and gas in the United States.

At a time when the price of oil is less than $50/barrel, the cost of water supply, treatment, transport, and disposal can make the difference between profit and loss for an oil well operator.

Produced and flowback waters from oil and gas fracturing operations provide challenges, not just due to the high volumes – nearly 70 billion barrels of produced water per year – but also due to the complexity of these waters. Total dissolved solids (TDS) in the range of 50,000 – 125,000 ppm combined with high organics loading provide serious treatment challenges prior to disposal or reuse.

oil and gas produced water


A Solution for O&G

Oasys has engineered a forward osmosis (FO) process with the ClearFlo MBC that can separate clean, reusable water from oilfield wastewater streams. The saline produced water volume is decreased, lowering wastewater transport and disposal costs. Additionally, 80% or more of the produced water is recovered as fresh water for reuse in the oil and gas extraction process. In many cases the remaining concentrated brine produced by the ClearFlo MBC can be used as 10 lb brine, a completion fluid used for well stimulation. The ClearFlo MBC can also handle variability in feed water quality commonly seen in oil and gas produced waters.

The ClearFlo MBC system offers significant advantages over existing technologies and is capable of achieving substantial water recovery from highly saline brines, thus minimizing brine disposal volumes and generating clean, high-quality water. Oasys offers transformation solutions that are good for the planet, and your bottom line.


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