Water and Energy are inextricably linked, with demands for both steadily growing as populations increase worldwide.

With power generation as the largest industrial user of water worldwide, regulatory pressures are mounting. Power producers around the world are seeking new ways to recover and reuse water, thus reducing their overall water intake and limiting wastewater discharges. The trouble is, much of the water used within power plants contains dissolved solids, metals, hardness, and other scale-forming minerals that are extremely costly and challenging to remove prior to reuse or discharge.

Oasys’ family of ClearFlo Water Transformation Solutions have been developed to recover clean, reusable water from these complex power plant wastewaters. With breakthrough forward osmosis (FO) technology, the ClearFlo MBC combines a high-selectivity membrane, specially-formulated draw solution, and unique recovery system to transform highly saline wastewater.

Using an FO-based solution greatly reduces the cost and difficulty of water recovery. Our ClearFlo technology can apply to treatment trains for water recovery in cooling tower blowdown and flue gas desulfurization (FGD). Boiler feedwater plant streams from coal, oil and gas, power plants, and concentrating solar power (CSP) facilities can also be treated.

Oasys Water’s custom design solutions include ClearFlo MBC technology for flows from several hundred m3/day to tens of thousands of m3/day. Oasys’ ClearFlo technology can also treat complex waters to the point of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), with the ClearFlo Complete system.

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Oasys’ patented technology

reduces the intake of local surface water and the outflow of industrial wastewater.


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