FO innovation by Oasys provides a new way to look at ZLD

The low operating pressure and high cross flow velocity of forward osmosis provide greater ability to perform dissolved solids separation on high fouling streams.  Couple these with Oasys Water’s patented draw solution and draw solution recovery technologies, and you have a unique new capability to recover fresh water from industrial effluents that could only be dealt with thermally in the past.

Just as seawater RO consumes more energy than brackish water RO, each step of a ZLD process becomes increasingly energy intensive.  By substituting a membrane brine concentrator (MBC) for thermal evaporation, the important middle step of the ZLD process can be performed with a membrane technology that provides reduced energy consumption, lower capital cost, improved reliability, and achieves higher water recovery – allowing the final ZLD step of crystallization to operate at lower flow and lower energy.

Oasys engineers work with customers to integrate the ClearFlo MBC system with the right pretreatment technologies, and final brine crystallization technologies to create a ClearFlo Complete zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system which can reduce total costs by 30% or more versus traditional processes. Oasys has designed and deployed ClearFlo Complete systems for coal power flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater and coal-to-chemical process wastewater applications and can help your team conquer your ZLD challenges anywhere in the world.

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