Mining activities around the globe produce some of the world’s most complex and difficult waters to treat, and they take place in many of the most water scarce regions.  

Mining operations generate exceptionally large volumes of challenging waters.  These waters are collected with dams, in tailings and retention ponds, and due to the risk of spills or excursions, mining companies are in search of improved methods to manage their impounded waters. Increased water stresses in many mining regions have pushed operators to seek both new sources of process water and new methods to recover clean water from compromised sources, for beneficial reuse.  A look at the top global producers of gold, silver, and copper, points out many regions where waters for mining or produced by mining compete with agricultural and municipal water needs.


Mining and mine drainage waters typically include tough-to-treat components such as:

  • High hardness

  • Silica

  • Cyanates

  • Organics

  • High acidity

  • Nitrates

  • Sulfates

Oasys Water has created sustainable, cost-effective solutions for all of these challenging waters.

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