BLOOMBERG RADIO: Oasys Water’s Jim Matheson on Industrial Wastewater & Water Scarcity

Oasys Water’s President & CEO Jim Matheson discussed water scarcity and the importance of industrial wastewater treatment with Rachel Layne and Anne Mostue of Bloomberg. 

During a tour of Oasys Water’s Boston Headquarters and Engineering/R&D Lab, Jim Matheson describes Oasys’ membrane-based Forward Osmosis (FO) technology and its role in solving the world’s water scarcity concerns. “Industrial wastewater treatment is a very significant problem and growing rapidly,” Jim Matheson told Bloomberg as he outlined the ever-growing industrial water market, a significant stressor on global water supplies.

Oasys Water’s technology can treat industrial wastewater from power generation, mining operations, petrochemical and chemical processes, RO reject, and upstream oil and gas including the waters from hydraulic fracturing (known as “fracking”).

Hydraulic fracturing has been a hot topic in the news over the last few years, and Matheson expands on the need for proper treatment of fracking water. “It takes a significant amount of water to fracture a well,” said Matheson. “On average, about five million gallons of water is used to do a single hydraulic fracture. And a lot of that stuff is happening in dry regions in Texas and other places, and so there have been certainly tensions between a scarce resource of fresh water and the amount of water thats used for hydraulic fracturing.”


To listen to the full radio interview, press play below.


Originally broadcast on Bloomberg Radio, station 1200AM Boston, at 5:35pm on November 9, 2015.