Case Studies

Oasys is providing desalination solutions for the world’s toughest industrial waters. Oasys’ FO technology and innovative membranes have successfully treated produced waters across the country and across the globe, as evidenced in our case studies.


  • Power Plant Wastewater: Changxing

    Oasys Water is transforming high salinity wastewater at the Changxing Power Plant. Oasys Water and its Chinese partner were selected to deliver the world’s…

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  • Produced Water: Permian Basin

    Oasys Water operated the ClearFlo MBC system in Midland, Texas to treat high salinity produced water from the Permian Basin.…

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  • Produced Water: Marcellus Shale

    Oasys Water’s ClearFlo MBC system treated highly variable produced water from the Marcellus Shale. Water from hydraulic fracturing operations in Pennsylvania’s…

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