The ClearFlo Complete system provides a powerful alternative for ZLD and delivers more reliable, lower cost, complete water recovery for the most challenging industrial wastewater streams.

Oasys has combined its groundbreaking ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBCx)TM with leading crystallizer or spray drier technologies to offer complete liquid recovery from high salinity wastewater streams.

As a stand-alone, the ClearFlo MBCx system provides the capability to concentrate extremely difficult streams in Oil & Gas and Coal Power applications to provide >90% recovery of reusable water and brine of 250 grams per liter of total dissolved solids (TDS) or higher. As a result of this unprecedented level of brine concentration in a membrane-based system, the ClearFlo CompleteTM zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system can operate with a lower capacity crystallizer, requiring lower thermal and electrical energy inputs and lower total cost.

Oasys offers the ClearFlo Complete system as a comprehensive solution in partnership with the leading crystallizer providers and a network of leading EPCs and system operators. For complex wastewater streams from 300 m3/day to >10,000 m3/day, the ClearFlo Complete system provides a path to ZLD with lower cost, more reliable operation, and a greater operating flexibility than other technologies.

Case Study


  • Power Generation – flue gas desulfurization (FGD), cooling tower blowdown (CTBD), or combined streams
  • Oil & Gas Extraction – produced water and flow-back wastewater, where deep well injection or transport are not attractive options
  • Chemical & Petrochemical – saline chemical process wastewater concentration and reuse
  • Inland Desal or RO Reject – inland desalination or pretreatment RO reject streams where maximum water recovery is required
  • Lower Salinity Wastewaters – innovations with the MBCx platform provide dramatically lower cost for streams at lower starting TDS where ZLD is required


  • Brine Concentration: The ClearFlo Complete can concentrate to 250,000 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS) or higher as the feed to a crystallizer or spray drier
  • Capital Cost Advantage: Oasys offers a significant cost advantage compared to evaporative ZLD solutions
  • Reduced Energy Requirements: The ClearFlo Complete delivers a more concentrated stream to the crystallizer
  • No Thermal Scaling Concerns: Brine concentration process occurs at an ambient temperature, eliminating thermal scaling concerns


ClearFlo Complete

ClearFlo Complete

The ClearFlo Complete system combines Oasys’ innovative ClearFlo MBCwith leading crystallizer or spray drier technology, achieving complete liquid recovery.