With ClearFlo MBCx Oasys has innovated again, to dramatically expand the space in which membrane based wastewater desalination, brine concentration, and reuse make sense.

Membrane based brine concentration, to levels nearing salt saturation limits, is a technology pioneered by Oasys and deployed commercially in power industry, upstream oil & gas, and refinery wastewater applications. Beginning with Oasys’ breakthrough forward osmosis (FO) technology, the ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBCx)TM platform combines optimization of membrane and draw solution interaction, innovation in draw solution recovery, and refinements to system controls architecture, to dramatically improve process performance and economics.

ClearFlo MBC

MBCx systems treat wastewater streams from a wide range of industrial processes, some with very high salinity, at 5% dissolved solids or higher, such as power generation, oil and gas extraction, mining, or chemical manufacturing. The platform also is ideal for waters with lower starting salinity, but where the highest levels of fresh water recovery are required. MBCx systems can achieve 95% recovery or greater on brackish water sources, such as cooling tower blowdown, food and beverage production wastewaters, and electronics manufacturing wastewaters.  System configurations are available for small- and large-scale applications, with options for skid-based or integrated design.

This technology is a powerful solution for a variety of complex water management issues, including water reuse, meeting regulatory requirements, reducing overall water treatment/disposal costs, or addressing water scarcity concerns.

Case Studies


  • Power Generation – flue gas desulfurization (FGD), cooling tower blowdown (CTB), combined streams
  • RO Reject – clean water recovery and further concentration of reverse osmosis (RO) reject streams
  • Oil & Gas – produced water and flow-back wastewater, as moveable systems or central treatment plants
  • Chemical & Petrochemical – wastewater concentration and reuse from saline chemical processes
  • Mining – water drainage, leachate, and depressurization streams
  • Electronics, LCD, Semiconductor – achieve far higher recovery than RO systems for reuse within the facility
  • Food and Beverage – meet reuse targets with fewer process steps than conventional technologies


  • Brine Concentration: ClearFlo MBCx systems can concentrate to 250,000 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS) or higher
  • Capital Cost Advantage: Oasys offers a significant cost advantage compared to evaporative brine concentration technologies
  • Low Maintenance: Experience significantly reduced downtime with lower maintenance and easier operation
  • Energy Savings: With no need for feed water boiling or high-pressure pumping, the ClearFlo MBC requires less energy for water recovery than competing technologies
  • Wide Operating Range: The system can tolerate and dampen spikes in flow or water quality, making MBCx ideal for unpredictable streams or seasonal variations


MBC in southwest