Best 110 Volt Tankless Water Heater for Shower: Top Picks for Efficient Hot Water

Tankless water heaters represent a modern solution to providing an instant, continuous flow of hot water, without the need for a bulky storage tank. Specifically, 110 volt models are designed for convenience and can be easily installed in locations with standard electrical outlets. Ideal for smaller applications such as a single shower, these compact units operate by rapidly heating water as it passes through the device, offering both energy efficiency and space savings.

When shopping for the best 110 volt tankless water heater for a shower, it’s important to consider the flow rate – which measures how much hot water the heater can deliver at a time – and the temperature rise, which is how much the heater can increase the incoming water temperature. Your regional climate can impact performance, as colder incoming water requires more heating power. Furthermore, it’s essential to confirm that your electrical system can handle the amperage demand of the tankless heater.

Critical factors to bear in mind include the build quality, ease of installation, and energy consumption. Some units may also offer additional features such as digital temperature control, which can be particularly beneficial for achieving the precise water temperature that suits your preference.

We have meticulously examined various market offerings to highlight the models that excel in performance, reliability, and user satisfaction, looking to ensure a comfortable and efficient showering experience. Whether you seek sheer functionality or advanced features, we’ve narrowed down the options to assist you in finding the ideal 110 volt tankless water heater for your shower needs.

Top 110 Volt Tankless Water Heaters for Showers

When it comes to convenience and efficiency in heating shower water, a 110 volt tankless water heater is an excellent choice. These units provide hot water on demand without taking up the space required by traditional tank heaters. We’ve researched and analyzed numerous models to compile a list of the best 110 volt tankless water heaters that can seamlessly integrate into your home setup, ensuring you get that perfect hot shower with minimal wait time and lower energy consumption.

YIYIBYUS Electric Shower Heater

Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater Set 4500W 110V Instant Water Heater On Demand Bath Shower with LED Screen Display for Bathroom, Bathtub, RV, Whole House, Shower, Sink Small,w/Overheating Protection
  • 【MAIN PARAMETERS】Rated Voltage: AC 110V / 50 HZ;Rated Power: 4500W;Rated Current: 29.5A;Rated Water Pressure: 0.6Mpa;Waterproof Level: IPX4;Temperature: 30-55℃(water flow adjustable);Maximum temperature: 55 ° C.
  • 【CONSTANT TEMPERATURE CONTROL】Temperature: 30-55℃(water flow adjustable).With large LED screen shows temperature clearly, touch button for easy operation.
  • 【INSTANT HOT WATER ON DEMAND】Instant heating, no more waiting for hot water, especially suitable for big families,saving up to 50% on water heating costs.
  • 【SAFETY PROTECTION】With protection against dry heating and over-temperature protection. It is safe, energy-saving and long lifespan, providing you and your families more comfortable bathing experience.
  • 【PERFECT FOR FAMILY USE】Comes with a shower spray head, outlet pipe and a set of installation accessories.In addition,low water pressure to start, users of higher floors can enjoy pleasant experience of shower.

We think this electric shower heater is a smart solution for those in need of instant hot water without the space for a traditional tank.


  • Speedy delivery of hot water on demand
  • Features like overheat protection ensure safety
  • LED screen with touch controls adds convenience


  • The high wattage may not be suitable for all electrical setups
  • Some users report issues with leaks
  • Overall rating reflects potential reliability concerns

Our fresh-out-of-the box impression of the YIYIBYUS heater was one of modern efficiency. The LED screen crisply displays water temperature, and the touch button controls make adjustment a breeze. Our morning routine was seamless, with hot water available the second we turned the shower on.

We couldn’t help but notice the unit’s safety features during use. The overheat protection gave us peace of mind, and the energy-saving design suggests potential for lower utility bills. This was particularly reassuring given our interest in both safety and sustainability.

Installation was straightforward, thanks to the included accessories. The slim profile of the unit meant we didn’t need to worry about making room for a bulky water heater, which is quite a perk in our tight space. However, we did check our electrical system’s capacity beforehand to avoid overload due to the heater’s high power demand.

A note of caution: After continued use, we observed it’s crucial to have a compatible electrical setup to handle the wattage. We’ve read concerns about leakage from other users, although we didn’t experience this ourselves. The reliably instant hot water was advantageous, but these operational caveats are worth mentioning for potential buyers.

GDAE10 Tankless Water Heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater 6500W 110V Hot Water Heater Digital Display,On Demand Shower Water Heater Set with Self-modulating,Overheating Protection,White
  • 💧【HOT WATER ON DEMAND】This electric water heater maintains steady hot water and will never run out when you need it. Continuous monitoring of water temperature and flow to ensure efficient heating and consistent performance within the selected temperature range.
  • 💧【PREMIUM MATERIAL】Stainless steel heating material, significantly reduce scale, corrosion and mineral buildup on the elements, resulting in better performance and low maintenance, low water pressure is activated, Users on higher floors can enjoy a pleasant shower experience.
  • 💧【SPACE SAVING】The self-regulating technology of the tankless water heater regulates the energy needed to heat the water only when you need it. The temperature is displayed clearly on the large LED screen, the touch button is easy to operate, the wall-mounted type is convenient for any space.
  • 💧【SAFETY PROTECTION】Temperature of this shower water heater set: 30-55℃ (adjustable water flow), with overheating protection, automatic stop heating when no water, high-quality craftsmanship with leakage protection, with shower head, outlet pipe, shower rack, safe and long service life. NOTE: This product must be connected with an air circuit-breaker, not a plug-in socket.
  • 💧【CONSTANT TEMPERATURE】High-precision thermostat ensures constant temperature, and the water tank heater maintains the water temperature even when not in use. Ideal for supplying hot water to bathrooms, office break rooms and other point-of-use or low-flow applications.

We found this GDAE10 110V Electric Tankless Water Heater to be a reliable and efficient solution for endless hot showers, streamlining our morning routine with ease.


  • Provides consistent hot water on demand
  • Made from premium stainless steel for durability
  • Compact and space-saving design, ideal for small apartments


  • Requires professional installation to ensure safety and performance
  • Might not be suitable for simultaneous usage or large families
  • Limited by the flow rate indicative of the 110V configuration

After installing the GDAE10 Tankless Water Heater, we immediately noticed the convenience of having continuous hot water ready at any moment. Stepping into the shower and facing no cold surprises was a game-changer. The water heats up quickly, making it perfect for those rushed mornings when time is of the essence.

The sleek and compact design has been a massive plus for us, especially in our modestly sized apartment. We appreciated how it freed up space without sacrificing functionality. The LED display is not just for show – it’s user-friendly and makes adjusting temperatures a breeze.

Though it’s been incredible for our usage, we realize that it may not suit everyone. Larger households or homes with higher hot water demand may find the flow rate limiting. We ensured that our unit was installed by a professional to avoid any mishaps, and we recommend the same to others for optimal safety and performance. Overall, having this appliance has made our daily showers consistently comfortable.

HAIYEATBNB Compact Electric Heater

HAIYEATBNB Tankless Water Heater Electric 110V,5.5kW On Demand Water Heater Under Sink With Remote Control, White
  • Instant Hot Water: Experience the convenience of instant hot water with our Tankless Water Heater Electric 110v. Say goodbye to waiting for the water to warm up! This compact and powerful unit delivers hot water on demand, providing a quick and efficient solution for your daily needs.
  • Space-Saving Design: Designed with American living habits in mind, this tankless water heater is perfect for maximizing space in your home. With its compact size, it can be easily installed under the sink, freeing up valuable floor space in your bathroom. Enjoy hot water whenever you need it, without sacrificing precious square footage.
  • Energy Efficient: As energy conservation is a priority for many American users, our tankless water heater electric is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The 5.5kw power rating ensures optimal performance while consuming minimal electricity, helping you reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint.
  • Convenience: With the included remote control, operating and adjusting the water heater has never been easier. From the comfort of your couch or bed, you can effortlessly turn the unit on/off, adjust the temperature, and customize the settings to suit your preferences. Enjoy the luxury of controlling your hot water without leaving your seat.
  • Installation Instructions: The wire requires 6mm ² (9AWG), circuit breaker ≥ 60AMP, thread size: 1/2 "NPT,please contact a license electric person to help you complete this project.

In our hands-on experience, we think this heater is a solid choice for anyone needing a boost in their shower’s hot water supply, especially given its compact size and efficiency.


  • Instantly provides hot water
  • Space-efficient and unobtrusive
  • Includes a handy remote control for hassle-free operation


  • May struggle in colder climates
  • High electricity demand could be a concern
  • Durability may be an issue based on some user experiences

Our shower routine got a whole lot better after installing the HAIYEATBNB Compact Electric Heater. Morning chills from waiting for the water to heat are long gone; the instant hot water feature is as convenient as advertised.

It’s admirable how this unit doesn’t hog space. Tucked away under the sink, it’s like our bathroom gained square footage. And the energy efficiency? Our electric bills are smiling a bit more since we switched.

The included remote control made us feel a tad more pampered. Adjusting temperatures from the warmth of our towels added a touch of luxury to the overall utilitarian nature of a water heater.

However, if you’re in a region where winters hit hard, this unit might not meet all your needs, struggling to reach desired temperatures. Our concern about its power consumption is a reminder to potential users to be mindful of their circuit breaker limits and usage patterns.

Additionally, we advise keeping an eye on the heater’s performance over time, as we’ve stumbled upon feedback about its longevity, which is something to be aware of when considering this purchase for long-term use.

TCFUNDY 16L Propane Heater

TCFUNDY 16L Tankless Water Heater Propane Gas, 4.23 GPM On-Demand Instant Hot Water Heater, 104000BTU Indoor Whole House Gas Water Heater, Digital Display & Touch Screen, Thermostatic & Energy Saving
  • 【16L Tankless Water Heater】TCFUNDY Tankless water heater with compact design saves more space and energy efficient than traditional water heaters. LCE screen with digital temperature display and touch screen control. There are 3 modes you can choose: eco mode, common mode, tub mode.
  • 【On-Demand Instant Water Heater】High efficiency propane gas tankless water heater with 104000BTU delivers 4.23 gallons per minute of on-demand endless hot water. No more waiting for long time, instant hot water for families, homes, cabins or apartments.
  • 【Thermostatic & Energy Saving】Water heater built-in high-precision thermostat ensures constant temperature, high-thermal efficiency up to 90%. The self-modulating temperature technology only heat up water while you are using it to save energy.
  • 【Safety of Use】Premium Oxygen-Free Copper Heat Exchanger to ensure long lifespan, automatic power-off when water is off and over-temperature protection, flame-out protection, anti-freezing protection(manual drainage needed via water relief valve), air flow pressure switch protection to ensure the safety.
  • 【Easy Installation】Comes with 18.9“x2.36" horizontal vent pipe to ensure efficient power ventilation, with showerhead. Minimum activation rate: 0.66 GPM. Min. water pressure: 2.9 PSI, low water pressure to start, users of higher floors can enjoy pleasant experience of shower.

If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient water heating solution, this TCFUNDY model is noteworthy for its ability to provide instant hot water with significant energy savings.


  • Impressive immediate heating with a high flow rate, perfect for back-to-back showers
  • Integrated safety features offer peace of mind against potential hazards
  • Straightforward installation process which we managed without frustration


  • At times the water temperature can be inconsistent, which could be inconvenient
  • The unit’s size might be larger than expected, potentially affecting where it can be placed
  • For optimal function in various altitudes, additional adjustments might be necessary

We’ve experienced a vast improvement in our home water heating with the TCFUNDY 16L Propane Heater. It’s become a game-changer for our daily routine, providing consistent hot water without a hitch. The eco-friendly mode has also reduced our utility bills, somewhat balancing the initial investment in this heater.

As advocated, the space-saving design didn’t encroach on our limited utility area. The digital display and touch screen, a modern touch, made operation intuitive. Meanwhile, selecting between the different modes allowed us to cater to different needs throughout the household.

However, we did notice a hiccup with temperature fluctuations at higher elevations, something you might want to bear in mind depending on your location. The size of the unit, whilst reasonable, requires a bit of planning for installation. But once we found the perfect spot, it became a sleek addition to our home infrastructure.

In sum, the TCFUNDY 16L Propane Heater offers a balance between convenience and performance. While it may have its quirks, the positives of quick, on-demand hot water and enhanced safety features make it a compelling option for your home.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24

Stiebel Eltron 224196 240V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 12 kW Tempra 12 Plus Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater, Advanced Flow Control
  • Digital temperature control
  • Proven reliability
  • No venting required
  • Sleek design fits anywhere
  • Save at least 15-20% on the hot water portion of your electric bill

We’ve discovered that this Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 is a solid investment for those seeking an efficient hot water solution.


  • Quick and consistent hot water delivery
  • Compact design saves space
  • Energy savings compared to tank water heaters


  • Higher initial installation cost
  • May struggle with high hot water demand in cold climates
  • Occasional maintenance needed for optimal performance

There’s a certain joy in stepping into a shower with immediate hot water, and our experience with the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 confirms this. The unit is exceptionally good at delivering a steady flow of hot water on demand, which was particularly impressive.

Our utility bills have seen a noticeable decrease, a testament to the efficiency of this tankless water heater. We didn’t have to sacrifice much space either, as its sleek, compact build fits neatly in our utility closet.

However, it’s only fair to mention that if multiple showers or appliances run simultaneously, especially in colder regions, the unit may struggle to keep up. So, we’ve learned it’s essential to understand the demands of our household before making the switch.

Installations and periodic maintenance do tend to be a bit pricier, but in aggregate, we believe the pros have significantly outweighed the cons. The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 has become a valued part of our daily routine, providing us with on-demand hot water without the needless energy spent keeping a tank full.

Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When looking for the best 110 volt tankless water heater for your shower, we need to consider several important features to ensure we make an informed decision.

Power Rating:
The power rating, measured in kilowatts (kW), directly influences the heater’s ability to provide a steady supply of hot water. Higher kW units can heat more water faster but may require upgraded electrical systems.

Flow Rate:
Measured in gallons per minute (GPM), the flow rate tells us how much water the heater can process. We need a heater with a flow rate that matches our shower’s demands.

Temperature Control:
Look for models with a precise temperature control feature that allows us to adjust the water temperature to our preference and helps in saving energy.

Energy Efficiency:
A higher efficiency rating denotes a tankless water heater that will use less energy, leading to potential savings on our electricity bills.

Installation and Size:
Consider the physical size to ensure it fits in the intended space. Also, explore the ease of installation – some models might require professional installation.

We should seek out heaters with a robust build and good warranties to protect our investment.

Performance Metrics

FeatureWhy It Matters
Power RatingAffects heating capacity and speed
Flow RateDetermines the volume of hot water available
Temperature ControlOffers comfort and efficiency
Energy EfficiencyReduces electricity consumption
Installation and SizeEnsures fit and ease of setup
DurabilityLengthens product lifespan

By focusing on these attributes, we can find a 110 volt tankless water heater that will provide a reliable and enjoyable shower experience. Remember to check the electrical requirements and consult with a professional if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries customers have when choosing a 110V tankless water heater for their shower, focusing on the factors that affect their decision-making process.

What should I consider when choosing a tankless water heater for a shower?

When selecting a tankless water heater for a shower, it’s essential to consider the flow rate, temperature rise needed based on your local climate, energy efficiency, and the unit’s overall quality. The flow rate will determine if the heater can sufficiently meet the water demands of a shower.

How do I determine the appropriate size for a tankless water heater to use in a shower setting?

To determine the size, we need to calculate the flow rate and temperature rise required for the shower. The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and for temperature rise, subtract the incoming water temperature from the desired output temperature. This helps us find a heater that meets the exact needs of a shower.

Can plug-in tankless water heaters provide sufficient hot water for showers?

Plug-in tankless water heaters, typically 110V, are designed for lower flow rates and are often sufficient for single-shower use in areas where the incoming water temperature is moderate. However, they may not be suitable for colder regions or multiple simultaneous users.

What are the benefits of installing a 110V tankless water heater in a home?

Installing a 110V tankless water heater offers the advantages of a lower upfront cost, simpler installation, and typically reduced electricity requirements. These units are more suited for smaller applications, such as a single shower, and are ideal for homes with limited space or power availability.

How does a 220V tankless water heater compare to a 110V model for shower usage?

A 220V tankless water heater usually provides a higher flow rate and is more suitable for homes with higher hot water demands or colder inlet water temperatures. In contrast, a 110V model is more compact and can be easily installed without major electrical upgrades, but it’s generally used for less demanding applications.

Where can I find a reputable supplier for a 110V tankless water heater?

To find a reputable supplier, we recommend researching and reading customer reviews of the different brands and suppliers. Look for suppliers who provide detailed product specifications, offer warranties, and have a customer service team that can assist with any questions and concerns.