Best 40-Gallon Electric Water Heaters: Top 3 Picks

Looking for a trusty electric water heater that will give you the hot water supply your family needs? Look no further than the 40-gallon option. These babies are perfect for medium-sized homes, giving you just enough capacity without sacrificing efficiency and affordability.

Now, I know it can be overwhelming to choose from all the options out there. But fear not! I’ve got your back with this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. We’ll go through each top-rated model in detail so you can find the one that suits your unique home and heating needs.

Whether this is your first time purchasing an electric water heater or you’re looking to upgrade your current unit, I guarantee this article will provide all the info and resources you need. So sit tight and let’s dive in together!

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider the energy efficiency rating and opt for Energy Star-certified models for reduced energy consumption and utility bills.
  • Evaluate the recovery rate to ensure the water heater can keep up with your household’s hot water demand.
  • Check the dimensions to ensure the unit fits in your designated space.
  • Consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer as an indication of the product’s quality and durability.

Comparison of Popular 40-Gallon Electric Water Heaters

To assist you in your decision-making process, here’s a comparison table featuring the top 3 popular 40-gallon electric water heaters:

ModelEnergy Factor (EF)Recovery Rate (GPH)Dimensions (LxWxH)Warranty
Rheem PROE400.932119.25″ x 19.25″ x 63.63″6 years (Limited)
Bosch ES40M0.922420.25″ x 20.25″ x 49.14″10 years (Limited)
Rheem Residential0.9321 6 years (Limited)

Top 3 Best 40-Gallon Electric Water Heaters

Best Value
Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Standard Electric Storage Water Heater (ES40M)
Best Capacity
RHEEM Residential Electric Water Heater, 47.0 gal. Tank Capacity, 240V, 4500 Total Watts
Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Standard Electric Storage Water Heater (ES40M)
RHEEM Residential Electric Water Heater, 47.0 gal. Tank Capacity, 240V, 4500 Total Watts
Price not available
Best Value
Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Standard Electric Storage Water Heater (ES40M)
Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Standard Electric Storage Water Heater (ES40M)
Price not available
Best Capacity
RHEEM Residential Electric Water Heater, 47.0 gal. Tank Capacity, 240V, 4500 Total Watts
RHEEM Residential Electric Water Heater, 47.0 gal. Tank Capacity, 240V, 4500 Total Watts

#1. Best Overall: Rheem Classic Tall Electric Water Heater

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  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • First Hour Rating: 55 gallons
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 19.25 x 19.25 x 63.63 inches

This Rheem Classic Electric Water Heater has an impressive 40-gallon capacity, more than capable of satisfying the hot water needs of most families and households. The durable construction means that this unit is designed to provide long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for years to come.

Its Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of 0.93 ensures that you are getting the maximum energy efficiency from your water heater, leading to lower electricity usage bills over time. Plus, it gives you peace of mind with its environmentally-friendly design by reducing wasted energy production and output into the atmosphere.

With its ability to deliver 55 gallons of hot water in just its first hour, running out of hot water becomes a thing of the past. This makes it ideal for homes with multiple family members and busy households.

The Rheem Electric Water Heater has a blisteringly fast 21 gallons-per-hour flow rate at 90 F, perfect for large families and frequent usage. With an impressive output, you can expect little to no wait time between pushing the shower knob and feeling the heated water cascading down your body.


  • Best for households with 2-4 people
  • High delivery rating in the first hour
  • Dual 4,500-watt heating elements


  • None

#2. Best Value: Bosch Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Electric Storage Water Heater

Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 5000 T 40-Gallon Standard Electric Storage Water Heater (ES40M)
  • APPLICATION: Dimensions : 20.25" W x 49.14" H x 20.25" L. Perfect size for a maintenance closet, access closet under the stairs, crawl space. Ideal for replacement projects.
  • DURABILITY: Two magnesium anode rods for extra tank protection. Dielectric heat trap. Heavy gauges steel tank for extra years of trouble-free service. Glass-lined steel tank to help prevent corrosion.
  • WARRANTY: 10-year tank and parts limited warranty
  • EFFICIENCY: HFO foam insulated, reducing fuel costs and increasing energy efficiency. Double heating elements conserve energy. Incoloy elements for a long-lasting unit
  • CONVENIENCE: Factory-installed electric hot and cold water connections for extended tank life. Easy-to-use plastic drain valve for maintenance. Factory-installed heat traps reduce heat loss. Temperature and pressure relief valve included. Fully-automatic surface mount thermostats
  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.92
  • First Hour Rating: 51 gallons
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 20.25 x 20.25 x 49.14 inches

Replacing an old water heater can be a major hassle and expense. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about either when it comes to the Bosch ES40M Electric Water Heater. Easy installation makes replacing your existing water heater simple, without breaking the bank. Plus, this model is extremely energy efficient so you won’t see a jump in your utility bills.

Boasting two magnesium anode rods, the Bosch Tronic 5000 ensures unstoppable reliability due to its superior rust and corrosion protection. This electric water heater is equipped with a superior-quality glass-lined steel tank. This advanced technology makes the tank stronger, better able to handle fluctuations in temperature, and resistant to corrosion from hard water.

This water heater offers total peace of mind as its 10-year tank and parts limited warranty make it one of the most reliable appliances in the market.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • 10-year warranty


  • Need to be installed by a licensed plumber

#3. Best Capacity: RHEEM 47-Gallon Residential Electric Water Heater

  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • Recovery Rate: 21 gallons per hour
  • Tank Capacity: 47 gallons

The RHEEM Electric Water Heater provides powerful and reliable performance with a large capacity of up to 47 gallons, delivered at 4500 total watts. Enjoy taking long showers, running the dishwasher or washing machine without compromising on temperature.

It provides ultrafast heating, with a 90F Rise recovery rate of 21 gallons per hour. So you’ll get hot water faster than ever before. The heater takes up minimal energy while providing maximum performance, boasting a Uniform Energy Factor of 0.93 which is the highest available in an electric residential system.

With adjustable settings ranging between 90°F and 150°F, users can set their desired temperature with ease. RHEEM offers a 6-year limited tank and parts warranty, giving you added peace of mind that your investment is protected.


  • 47-gallon capacity
  • Over Temperature Protector
  • ANSI, NAECA, and ASHRAE Standard 90 Compliance


  • Expensive

Why Choose a 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater?

  1. Sufficient Capacity: 40-gallon electric water heaters offer ample hot water supply for small to medium-sized households, apartments, and businesses with moderate hot water demands.
  2. Efficiency and Energy Savings: Advanced heating technology and insulation in these water heaters result in energy-efficient operation and reduced utility costs.
  3. Space-Saving Design: With their compact size, 40-gallon electric water heaters are an excellent choice for homes with limited space.
  4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Electric water heaters are straightforward to install and require minimal maintenance compared to gas water heaters.

FAQs: Best 40-Gallon Electric Water Heaters

What are the top brands of electric water heaters?

Some reputable brands known for manufacturing quality electric water heaters include A.O. Smith, Rheem, Bradford White, and Whirlpool.

How do I determine the right size electric water heater for my family?

The capacity of 40 gallons is generally suitable for small to medium-sized households with 2 to 4 people. Consider the number of occupants, simultaneous hot water usage, and your specific needs to determine if a 40-gallon electric water heater will meet your requirements.

Can a 40-gallon electric water heater provide enough hot water for a family of 4?

Yes, a 40-gallon electric water heater can typically provide enough hot water for an average family of 2-4 people. However, larger families or those with high hot water demands may need to consider larger capacity options or consider staggered usage to ensure an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

How long do electric water heaters last?

The lifespan of an electric water heater can vary depending on various factors, such as usage patterns, water quality, maintenance, and the specific model. On average, with proper maintenance, electric water heaters can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Can I install an electric water heater myself?

While it’s possible to install an electric water heater yourself if you have the necessary skills and knowledge, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional plumber or electrician. They can ensure proper installation, compliance with local codes, and provide warranty coverage.

How much does a 40-gallon electric water heater cost?

The cost of a 40-gallon electric water heater can vary depending on the brand, features, energy efficiency, and warranty. On average, you can expect to spend between $500 to $1,000 for a quality 40-gallon electric water heater. Installation costs, if required, should be factored into the overall budget as well.

Are there any safety considerations for electric water heaters?

Like any electrical appliance, safety precautions should be followed. Ensure that the water heater is installed according to local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to have a properly functioning pressure relief valve and consider using a temperature setting that prevents scalding.


When it comes to 40-gallon electric water heaters, the Rheem and Bosch brands stand out as top contenders. The Rheem 40-gallon electric water heater earns the title of the best overall choice due to its impressive performance, reliability, and advanced features.

On the other hand, the Bosch electric water heater emerges as the best value option. It delivers reliable performance and significant cost savings, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers. Ultimately, both Rheem and Bosch offer reliable options for those seeking a 40-gallon electric water heater, catering to different preferences and budgets.