Best Shower Head Water Softeners in 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

A shower head water softener will improve the water quality while you shower. Usually, hard water is tough for the skin and hair, and makes both dry. Also, when you use hard water to wash your hair, you can have a duller hair color.

However, using a water softening shower head can improve your shower experience immediately. Plus, you don’t need to install a whole-home filtering system.

Here we will present some of our top picks on the best shower head water softener. A nice bonus is that installing any one of these is a simple process, and rarely requires a professional.

Best Shower Head Water Softeners in 2022

G-Promise Handheld Water Softener Shower Head


  • A-10 stage filter
  • A long and flexible hose
  • 6 function shower head
  • Easy installation

First, we have the G-promise handheld water softener shower head. If you are looking for a long and flexible hose, then this shower head may be for you. Also, it has an adjustable spray with massage options.

This shower head has a 63-inch anti-wrap hose that is made of stainless steel and stretches to 75 inches. Even though this is a long hose, the anti-wrap feature means the hose doesn’t tangle or coil around. Also, it is stainless steel and rustproof. This model also has six spray modes and has circular massage, water-saving mode, and power wash.

This shower head is mounted on brass brackets for better stability. The inlet filter is 0.8 inches, and the outlet is 1.1 inches.

Further, the G-promise shower head water filter has a showerhead attached to it. Plus, it is chrome-coated ABS thermoplastic and oil-rubber bronze. You will need to replace your filter after 10,000 to 12,000 gallons, which is roughly after 6 months.

Lastly, this water softener has a stylish showerhead and has a 10-year guarantee.

  • Achieves 10-stages of filtration
  • Comes with a spare cartridge
  • Has 6 spray shower heads included
  • It cannot filter out calcium
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Aquasana Deluxe Water Softener Shower Head


  • Reduces harmful chemicals
  • Maximum filtration and water pressure
  • Long-lasting and cost-efficient

Aquasana Deluxe is one of the best shower head water softeners. However, it is bulkier than other shower heads as it hangs down.

This is an easy model to unscrew in order to replace your cartridge as needed (usually around twice per year).

The Aquasana Deluxe uses coconut husks and copper-zinc to filter natural and synthetic chemicals. Plus, this filtration media collaborates to correct the water pH.

This filter is also certified by NSF. And the coconut carbon filter is a lean green cleaning machine.

Lastly, this up-flow filter is low on clogs and high on water pressure. Also, it is easy to install.

  • Reduces 90 percent of chlorine and it is easy to replace
  • Uses an eco-friendly aqua sorb HX coconut shell carbon as well as KDF
  • It doesn’t remove calcium and removes fluoride to 50 percent only
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Aquabliss SF 100 Shower Filter


  • Immediately begins rejuvenating skin
  • Advanced multi-stage health filter
  • Easy swap shower replacement

  • Extracts the harmful chemicals as well
  • It uses mixed filtration media that has ceramic beads and activated carbon, sediment filters, and redox components
  • No showerhead is included with this filter
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Culligen WSH Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead


  • Ideal water softener
  • Half inch threaded shower arm
  • WHR 140 filter cartridge

  • The showerhead has 5 massage settings
  • Certification of ANSI 177
  • Rubber spray nozzles are designed with anti-clogging properties
  • The distance of the showerhead and wall is minimal, and you might feel constrained in the shower.
  • You need to get more room for having an expandable shower arm
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Luxsego Ionic Water Softener Shower Head


  • Special mineral balls
  • High pressure and water-saving design
  • Three spray settings
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and solid design

  • This filter uses a mix of anion mineral balls and infrared mineral balls as well
  • It has a sleek design that is easy to maintain and clean
  • This filter has a high-pressure spray even when the main water has less pressure
  • Lexsego comes with a limited warranty of 90-days only
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Do Shower Filters Actually Soften Water?

The shower filters will not directly soften the water, but they will remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine. And it will make the water less harsh and leave your body significantly softer.

Does Hard Water Damage Hair?

Hard water has harmful chemicals such as magnesium, lime, etc. but they aren’t dangerous for the hair. However, it will make your hair dry and dull. Plus, hard water makes hair more likely to break. Also, it can discolor and strip color-treated hair.

We hope that our review helps you to find the best water softener for the showerhead.

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