How To Clean A Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a well known vacuum brand. The company’s cordless vacuum cleaners are particularly popular because they are very simple to use and easy to clean.

The Dyson V8 vacuum is a model that features an internal cyclone, together with a dust bin to catch all the dirt and dust particles.

You do not just regularly need to empty the canister to ensure the suction performance stays the same, but you also need to clean the whole vacuum occasionally.

This will make sure that the dirt buildup over time won’t clog the filters, and the device won’t lose its cleaning performance.

In this article, we take a look at how to clean your Dyson V8 vacuum thoroughly.

Tools You Will Need To Deep Clean Your Dyson Vacuum

Here is a list of all the tools that you will need to give your Dyson vacuum V8 cleaner a proper makeover.

Trash Container

You will need a dust bin with a wide opening so that you can dispose of the contents of the dirt and dust of the vacuum cleaner easily.

Rubber Gloves

Keep any dirt off your fingers with rubber gloves. These also ensure that you do not leave any marks on the vacuum.

How To Clean The Dyson V8 Brush Head

The Dyson V8 comes with two different kinds of cleaning heads. It has a standard brush and a fluffy attachment. 

Cleaning The Dyson V8 Fluffy Tool

Let’s start off with the fluffy attachment. First, you will need to remove the plastic clip from the fluffy tool.

You can do this by unlocking the plastic bolt underneath the attachment. Then take a look at the right side of the attachment. You will notice an arrow graphic. 

Push this side down and take out the main roller attachment. The little roller compartment will also fall out then.

Once you have removed these components, you can now wash both of these rollers. 

Make sure that you do not use any detergents. Dyson’s recommendation is to use cold water only.

Make sure that you remove any hairs on the sides, and clean the rollers thoroughly.

When they are clean, they need to dry fully before you can reattach the rollers onto the nozzle.

Cleaning The Dyson V8 Main Cleaning Head

In order to clean the Dyson V8 main cleaning head, you first need to remove the unlock cap. Similar to the fluffy attachment, use a coin to unscrew the cap.

Then you will notice that the cap will pop open and you can now take out the lid and brush.

Next, clean the brush properly using a microfiber cloth. Wipe all components and make sure to clean also the small wheels at the front.

Particularly the ball system catches a lot of dirt and dust, so this will also require thorough cleaning.

Once you are done with the deep clean, you can reattach the main brush. Add the cap, and screw the bolt back in place with the coin.

How To Clean The Dyson V8 Filter

How To Clean A Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner

Your Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner has two filters: a post-motor filter (HEPA) which sits behind the motor and a pre-motor filter which sits inside the cyclones.

Both filters can be washed. We would recommend to use pure or tap water to ensure that the filters stay as effective as possible.

How To Clean The Dyson V8 Pre-Motor Filter

Take out the pre-motor filter and rinse it properly under tap water. Do not use any soap and do not scrub the filter. The material is sensitive.

Then just shake it well to remove any excess water, and allow it to dry properly before you reattach to it to the vacuum.

Dyson’s recommendation on cleaning the pre-motor filter is around once a month. However, this does depend on how often you use your vacuum.

We would recommend checking the filter regularly, and clean it if you notice a lot of dirt accumulation.

You should also make sure that you clean the inside of the filter. Just use a blunt tool and gently remove the top component of the filter.

Don’t push too hard as these plastic clips can easily break. When the cover is off, you can clean the inside of the filter very easily.

It’s worthwhile getting some replacement filters to ensure that there is no downtime and you can still use the vacuum cleaner while waiting for your filter to dry.

Although there are a range of different filter replacements on the market, we recommend buying the original as you will get the best filter performance with them.

How To Clean The Dyson V8 HEPA Filter

Before you can get to cleaning the post-motor filter, you will need to remove it. Simply twist it counterclockwise. This unlocks the filter and you can now take it out.

Simply rinse it under lukewarm running water to wash off any dirt. Then shake the filter properly, and allow it to dry. Once fully dried, you can reattach it again.

Filters do not need frequent cleaning. There are no specific recommendations from Dyson but we recommend cleaning them roughly every three months.

The filters in your V8 vacuum are part of Dyson’s lifetime guarantee, so they should last for as long as they are maintained correctly.

Should You Clean The Dyson V8 Cyclone?

The V8 vacuum does come with a warranty, and under this warranty, you should not disassemble the cyclone.

You would need to disassemble the cyclone to clean it thoroughly, so Dyson does not recommend cleaning your V8 cyclone.

Doing so will void the warranty, so if you want to clean your Dyson V8 cyclone, then it is best to wait until the warranty period has expired.

However, it’s important to note here that cleaning the cyclone properly is very time consuming and involves unscrewing a lot of different parts.


Cleaning your Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner may take a little time and patience but it is worthwhile knowing that this can extend the life of your device.