How To Empty A Dyson Vacuum

Dyson vacuums are one of the most popular vacuum brands in the world. The bagless design of their devices mean that you can empty them quickly and easy.

You don’t even need any replacement bags. However, each Dyson vacuum has its own unique design with different mechanisms on how to empty them.

We put together a straightforward guide on how to empty the different corded and cordless Dyson vacuums.

General Tips On How To Empty A Dyson Vacuum

There are some general things you need to look out for when emptying a vacuum cleaner from Dyson.

Never Fill Too Full

You should never allow the dust bin compartment of your Dyson vacuum cleaner to fill up beyond capacity.

Check the Max line on the side of your Dyson. This indicates the maximum capacity that the dust bin of the device can hold.

If you do not empty your Dyson vacuum often enough, then the appliance will lose suction which has a direct impact on the cleaning results.

Empty Into An Outdoor Bin

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless. This means that you are more likely to come into contact with the dust.

That’s why it is important that you empty the cleaner dust bin into a bin outside. This is especially important if you or anyone in your home suffer from allergies.

How To Empty A Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The majority of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are cordless. They have a small dust capacity which means that you need to empty the dust bin regularly.

Although it is generally very easy to empty these vacuum cleaners, it is important to do it correctly so to avoid any damage to the device

How To Empty The Dyson V8 And V7 Vacuum Cleaners

The V8 and V7 Dyson vacuum cleaners have a simple emptying system. However, we noticed that sometimes dirt and debris may get stuck near the bottom of the cyclone.

These things you will need to remove by hand, unfortunately.

When you need to empty your V7 or V8 vacuum, you need to unplug the device first and then take off the wand.

Next, hold the vacuum cleaner into an outdoor and then pull the red handle (first back, and then upwards).

This will release the little trap door of the dust bin, and it also raises the cyclone.

Keep the vacuum cleaner over the bin, and then push the cyclone back down. Lastly, you just need to close the trap door again and re-attach the wand.

You can use this method also to empty your Dyson V7 Trigger vacuum.

How To Empty A Dyson V10, V11 And V15 Vacuum Cleaner

How To Empty A Dyson Vacuum

With each new design, Dyson makes improvements to their vacuum models. The vacuums beyond their V8 range features a better emptying system.

This is because the vacuum’s body had a redesign where the dust bin is now aligned with the wand.

In order you empty your V15, V11 and V10 Dyson vacuum, you will need to detach any of the tools, including the wand.

Hold the vacuum over a bin and then push the leaver. This will open a little trap door at the bottom of the vacuum, and the dirt and dust is pushed out by an internal collar.

Once all the dirt is gone, just close the trap door again, and reattach everything.

Dyson has also designed these models to make them easier to clean. Just push the button near the bottom to detach the whole canister. 

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How To Empty A Dyson Omni Glide Vacuum

The Omni Glide vacuum from Dyson is their first vacuum cleaner specifically designed for hard floors.

To empty this vacuum cleaner, you need to ensure that it is switched off.

Other Dyson models use a different trigger system which won’t allow the trap door to open while it is still running.

The Omni Glide doesn’t have this, so make sure that the vacuum is unplugged. 

Similar to the other Dyson vacuums, detach all the tools and the want. Then hold the dust bin into a bin, and push the red release button.

The dust canister will slide down and then trap door opens to allow the dirt and debris to drop into the bin.

Firmly close the trap door, and replace the wand and tools.

How To Empty A Corded Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson’s corded vacuum cleaners come with a slightly different emptying mechanisms compared to their cordless devices.

How To Empty A Dyson Small Ball Allergy Vacuum

Before you empty this vacuum, you need to switch the device off and unplug it.

Then press the red button besides the handle firmly. This will detach the dust canister.

Place the vacuum cleaner into an outside bin, and press the red button firmly again. This will then open the trap door for the dust to fall out.

Just close the trap door and reattach the vacuum cleaner again.

How To Empty A Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum

Similar to the Small Ball Allergy vacuum, switch off your vacuum and unplug it. Then press the button at the top to remove the cyclone and the canister.

You can then lift out the vacuum. Hold it inside a dust bin, and press the top button to open the trap door.

Sometimes the button for the trap door can be stiff. You need to press it firmly to ensure that the door opens.

You should hear a little click and the door will have opened either fully or a little.

Once all the dirt is out, just close the door again with a click, and reattach the canister to the vacuum.


Dyson vacuums are designed to be simple to use and quick to empty. We hope our guide on how to empty your Dyson vacuum cleaner has helped to speed up the process.