Water Softener VS Water Conditioner – Which One is Best?

So many of us are confused between water softener vs conditioner, Let us know the difference between them and what you exactly need. Hard water is a common issue in every house. Many countries are facing them. It doesn’t only good for your health but also damages your pipes as well as fixtures.

Another concerning issue for you is contaminated water. The contaminated water may taste bad and smell. It can cause health damages such as sensitivities and even cancer. So to get rid of contaminants, there are so many systems developed. That systems purify the hard water. However, here we are going to shed light and show you the difference between a water softener vs. a conditioner.

Difference Between Water Softener Vs. Conditioner.

Did you know how water conditioners work? Either it’s a water conditioner or water softener, here you will go through both so you can take the best option for you.

Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner Systems

A water conditioner is a comprehensive system. It merely cleanly changes the quality of water.  But it varies on the type of water conditioner. Each type of them can filter and remove chlorine. As a result, you’ll get an improved water taste.

However, a water softener is a specific type of water conditioner. It purifies water. In other words, it reduces the hardness of the water. Here you might be thinking that how hard water occurs?

The hard water comes when your home’s tap presentions of calcium or magnesium. This hard water doesn’t only cause films left on glasses and other dishes but also residue in household appliances. It also excesses the use of soap.

So a water conditioner removes the minerals that make water hard. It also changes the composition of water to stop crystals from scaling on your pipes and fixtures. But remember, although it is not a real water softener, the best solution requires low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Types of Water Conditioners

  • Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration is the most used type of water conditioner. It absorbs a series of chemicals dissolved in water. Along with that, it eliminates organic compounds. It includes chlorine and sulfur.

Now, most brands have improved this system. They can remove foul tastes as well as odors. It makes better water quality so you can drink or cook pleasantly.

This system is commonly found in lots of water dispensers and water filter pitchers. It ensures to improve the quality of water. So if you want to remove objectionable odors, chemical or organic compounds, chlorine to make water taste better, then carbon filtration would be an excellent choice.

  • Electromagnetic Water Conditioner

The Electromagnetic Water Conditioner is useable, whether wire wrapped around the pipes or magnets place on your tubes. This system makes the molecular agitation in water. Through this function, it breaks as well as blends the particles of carbonate salts with the water.

Additionally, it is also reducing the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the liquid. All this process reduces the scaling of particles.

But you have to keep this mind that it doesn’t get soft the water in the real sense because it purifies. It ensures removing all the contaminants of chemicals from water.

  • Catalytic Media Water Conditioner

The Catalytic Media Water Conditioner is famous as a salt-free water softener. It uses TAC (Template-Assisted Crystallization). This feature changes the hardness of mineral crystals in water. So this function has made it a perfect system for well water. However, they don’t reduce the actual hardness of the liquid.

What is Water Softener?

What is Water Softener

A water softener is reducing the hardness of the water. This is a water filtration system that uses the ionic exchange to remove both calcium and magnesium’s hard minerals. It can replace the water with ions of sodium and potassium. As a result, it allows you to get mineral-free soft water. This water is better for your health to drink.

Additionally, this system contains a resin bed capable of capturing hardness, causing minerals. There is also included a cleaning system. This function purges trapped minerals, flushing them out the drain.

Water Conditioner VS Water Softener. Which One to Choose?

Both water conditioners and water softeners are used to improve the quality of water, but they work on different parameters. You will have to understand which one is right for you. So to do so, you have to compare these two points, which are:

Water Quality

The main concern either for water conditioner vs. water softener is the water quality. When it comes to the water softener, it only exchanges the hardness of water with sodium ions. It doesn’t filter tap water.

On the other hand, the water conditioner removes the impurities of water by eliminating hardening minerals. It ensures erasing calcium as well as magnesium. So there is only one little thing different, which you need to care for your home-based intensions.

The water softener would be best to reduce the hardness of water to get better water quality. But if you are more attentive to water quality than hardness, the water conditioner is a more appropriate choice.

Running Costs And Maintenance

Without a doubt, water conditioners are affordable. The common reason is that they are based on water pressure alone to function. This system absorbs the contaminants which tap water flows through them to filter. In such a regard, the system doesn’t use electricity.  So they are cost not only practical but also suitable for both your water bills and energy.

Additionally, this system requires easy maintenance—all you’ll need to change their files manually.

As far as water softeners go, they require electricity to exchange the ion. Not only that, but they also need salt, and you will need to replace cartridges regularly.  That is what made them expensive. In addition to this, they require more maintenance.

The Bottom Line

To sum up all, so do you decide which water system is suitable for you? There is no denying each one has its benefits and disadvantages and fulfill their purposes.

So if you want to get the overall quality of tap or well water, then it is better to consider a water conditioner. At the same time, the water softener is good for scale-forming minerals. So choose the right one that is best suited for your needs. Thank you for visiting us!