Winix Air Purifier Review

Never has there been a better time to offer your home a breath a fresh air. Winix is a premium air purifier brand that puts its money where your air is.

Their impressive range of air purifiers is highly effective pieces of equipment that not only work well but look the part too.

Whether you want to rid your home or office of viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, mold, particular matter, or persistent pet and cooking smells, a Winix Air Purifier can expel it all.

However, with Winix stocking such a wide-sweeping selection of air purifiers, it can be a hard task to figure out which one is the best fit for your home.

This review will highlight exactly what Winix is all about and how their ai purifiers function. It will also showcase a few of Winix’s most popular models, gaining you an informed idea of which purifier will likely be your trusted air-enhancing weapon.

What Is Winix?

Winix is an award-winning company that specializes in air purifiers. They were founded in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea as Yooshin Enterprise. In the year 2000, they made a name change to the Winix Corporation and started trading in the US market in 2003.

They are now one of the biggest air purifier companies in America, having clocked up a string of awards along the way. Their US operation is now run out of Vernon Hills, Illinois, and in light of the Covid-19 pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down.

How Does A Winix Air Purifier Work?

As the name suggests, Winix air purifiers are tasked with purifying the air.

Their ability to remove particles, pollen, dust, mold, cigarette smoke, as well as viruses and bacteria make them incredibly beneficial machines for people who struggle with respiratory diseases, allergies, or who are worried about catching airborne viruses.

That’s all great, but how exactly do they do this magic air-cleaning act you ask? That is a good question and it really comes down to their 4-stage air-filtration system and technologies.

PlasmaWave Filter

The Winix PlasmaWave is a patented air purifying technology that produces Hydroxyl molecules. These tiny molecules are negatively charged ions, which, quite impressively, naturally occur in nature.

It is these Hydroxyl molecules that give Winix air purifiers their virus and bacteria-fighting abilities.

The cool thing about this market-leading technology is that it can fight off airborne nasties in an all-natural way. That’s right, PlasmaWave doesn’t harm you or the ozone, which is good news all around in our books.

Washable Pre-Filter

The Winix pre-filter puts up the first barrier of defense against large dust particles and captures them with a fine mesh grate. The beauty of this pre-filter is that it can be easily washed whenever it is looking a little full.

The pre-filter is a very valuable addition to every Winix air purifier model because it ensures their internal and more refined filters will last longer without the need to be swapped out and replaced.

Not only that, but the pre-filter is great at picking up any wayward pet hair and fluff that would otherwise end up tucked behind the couch cushions and be a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

True HEPA Filter

The True HEPA is one of those refined and internal filters we just mentioned. Every Winix air purifier on the market features one of these highly specialized filters. The HEPA is the true dust collector of these machines.

Collecting up to 99.999% of all dust particles is just another day in the life of the HEPA filter and we are all better off for it. On top of doing your dusting, this high-grade filter will also remove allergens, fungi, and pollen from your home.

Carbon Filter

Last but certainly not least, the carbon filter of a Winix air purifier will remove organic particles from the air. Smells associated with cooking, pets, and cigarette smoke are just a few examples.

By cleaning the air on an organic level, the carbon filter of a Winix air purifier will reduce stubborn odors around your home, allowing you to notice an instant difference in air quality.

What Is The Winix Air Purifier CADR RATING?

The CADR (clean air delivery rate) is the industry standard for how air purifiers remove air pollutants.

Winix air purifiers are highly effective air purifiers that each have well above a 200+ CADR rating. You will be pleased to know that the calculations undertaken by Winix are modest and not exaggerated.

Four out of their six best air purifier models feature a 243 CADR dust rating, a 232 CADR smoke rating, and a 246 CADR rating for pollens.

In layman’s terms, the higher the CADR rating an air purifier has the more effective and efficient it will be at improving indoor air quality.

What Is The Winix Air Purifier Coverage Area?

Winix uses a “five air change per hour calculator” to determine its air purifiers coverage area. These tests have been verified by AHAM to give customers, even more, buying reassurance.

Despite their air purifier models having very impressive CADR ratings, Winix recommends they are used in a room no blogger than 360 sq ft.

If you stick to this recommendation, your Winix air purifier will be highly effective at its job. In rooms of this size or less, the CADR ratings mentioned above will make light work of dust particles, pollens, and airborne bacteria and viruses.

What Are Some Popular Winix Air Purifier Models?

Now that you know how Winix air purifiers work and what their general specs are, it’s time to showcase the best models in the business.

Each of the Winix air purifiers listed below will do a very good job at improving your home’s air quality. Your choice really comes down to whether you want an upgraded model or maybe a more budget-friendly one?

Winix A230 Air Purifier

The Winix A230 is a compact air purifier model that is pleasantly budget-friendly. If you’re new to the air purifying game and are looking to dip your toes in without spending too much, the A230 will certainly get the job done for less.

You will be pleased to know that the A230 comes, as standard, with many of the features that the premium models have. Things like a self-assured smart sensor, an all-in-one air filter, and the all-important Winix PlasmaWave technology can all be found in the A230.

The downside to this compact and budget-friendly model is that it only features a single air sensor. It also has a high filter replacement cost when compared to its overall price.

There is also the option of the A231 which has a stylish all-white colorway. However, expect to pay extra for the all-white privilege.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

The Winix 5500-2 is a very solid air purifier that offers True HEPA filtration, PlasmaWave and Carbon filtration. The 5500-2 features a bunch of smart technology features like WiFi controls, without the astronomical price tag to match.

Other notable additions include high fan power and high-performance capabilities.

It benefits from a clean and sleek all-white design that even features a white control panel as well. Measuring 23.6 inches in height, the C5500-2 is a full-sized air purifier with the credentials to match.

With a 243 CADR dust rating, the Winix 5500-2 is powerful enough to drastically improve the air quality of a room up to 360 sq ft in size. A high-powered air purifier that doesn’t cost the world, it makes sense why so many people have already brought the 5500-2 home.

Winix HR900 Air Purifier

Even though the Winix HR900 is the basic model of Winix’s “Ultimate Pet” air purifier series, it sure does have a lot going for it. One of the major benefits of the HR900 from its lesser counterparts is its double pre-filtration technology.

The cool thing about the HR900’s double pre-filtration is that not even the more premium Ultimate Pet models have it. That’s right, the HR950 and the HR1000 may be better for a few reasons, but a double pre-filtration system is not one of them.

The big reason why the HR900 is considered the basic model when compared to the more premium Ultimate Pet air purifiers is its noticeable lack of smart WiFi functions.

The anti-microbial layer found on the other two models is also missing, which is why the price of the HR900 has been adjusted accordingly.

Still, if you don’t mind programming your air purifier the old-fashioned way and can live without an anti-microbial layer, then the HR900 sure has got a whole lot of features for a more than reasonable price.


So there you have it. You now know how a Winix air purifier will improve your home’s air quality and which are their most popular models.

Breathing in clean air is super important for maintaining your health throughout life. With a trusty Winix air purifier by your side, at least you can say, for certain, that you’ll be breathing in the clean stuff from here on out.